DUOONE: 8K/4K Duo-Monitor Foldable 16"-22.8", Smart KVM

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✔️Choose between duo 2.5K 2560×3200 (16:20) or duo 4K 3840×4320 (16:18).
✔️Two sources into one. One keyboard mouse control two devices, no toggling.
✔️World’s first duo-monitor built-in SmartKVM, allowing multiple signal inputs.
✔️Lightweight portability 16″-22.8″ inch one-screen mode and book mode.
✔️High refresh rates 2.5K@144Hz, , 500cd/m², 1.06B color & HDR10 stunning visuals.

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The One-Screen mode for dual monitors is incredibly valuable. However, not all dual-monitor setups support this seamlessly through hardware. Many others are forced to depend on software USB drivers, leading to frustrating and unacceptable lag.

The DUOONE stands out from other dual-monitor products as it enables the combination of two devices’ systems onto one screen. This allows for effortless movement of the mouse between the two devices and smooth keyboard input, eliminating the need for toggling.

In outdoor settings, conventional monitors set to full brightness (100%) provide only 250cd/m² of brightness, which can be problematic for visibility. The DUOONE monitor, on the other hand, offers a bright 500cd/m² display, ensuring ease of viewing outdoors.

dual monitor, duo-monitor, duoone

dual monitor, duo-monitor, duoone

We have revolutionized the dual monitor experience with DUOONE’s innovative One-Screen mode, introducing two groundbreaking concepts to enhance your overall experience.

One-Screen Mode (1 Device Full-screen):

Firstly, we have made it incredibly easy for one device to seamlessly span across two full screens using just one cable. This innovative hardware solution sets us apart from the competition, as others often rely on USB drivers which can result in noticeable latency and limited window-to-window mode. In contrast, DUOONE utilizes Thunderbolt technology to achieve a true full-screen experience. The result? No lag, lossless picture quality, and uninterrupted frame rates.

One-Screen Mode (2 Devices Merged. No Toggling): 

Secondly, DUOONE seamlessly merges two system devices into a unified one-screen experience, allowing your keyboard and mouse to effortlessly transition between each device. No toggling, no switching, and no need for additional software drivers.

This empowers you to control both devices as if they were part of a single computing system, making multitasking a breeze with no hassle.


Control 2 devices with 1 mouse and keyboard, no toggling

Experience the power of DUOONE: Seamlessly merge MacOS and Windows, or any two systems, into a single monitor. Effortlessly control both with a single mouse and keyboard – no need for toggling or switching!

With SmartKVM, you can effortlessly link two devices to a single DUOONE monitor one-screen mode. Your mouse and keyboard seamlessly transition between each device without the need to switch any buttons. This enables the two devices to work together seamlessly, creating a unified computing experience as if they were part of a single computer system. All of this is achieved through hardware-based technology, ensuring no lag or latency.

Dual signal inputs

DUOONE offers the versatility of using two HDMI ports and two USB-C ports simultaneously, unlocking advanced capabilities for gaming or enhanced productivity.


Exceptional dual 4K UHD resoltuion

Enjoy exceptional clarity with DUOONE, accommodating resolutions of 3840×4320 and 2560×3200 in a one-screen mode. Explore further details in the following section.

The DUOONE offers two resolution options: dual 2.5K and dual 4K. The resolution of dual 2.5K 2560×3200 means that the display has a grid of 2560 horizontal pixels and 3200 vertical pixels, totaling around 8.2 million pixels. This increase in pixel density has several advantages. Firstly, it results in sharper and more detailed images, improving the clarity of text, graphics, and visuals. Additionally, it provides more screen space, which is perfect for multitasking and increasing productivity, as you can fit more content on the screen.

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Dual 4K resolution 3840×4320 provides even higher image quality and detail compared to the 2.5K resolution. With two times the number of pixels up to 16,588,800, the visuals appear incredibly sharp and lifelike. This is especially noticeable when viewing high-resolution images, watching 8K videos, or playing games with detailed graphics.

Additionally, the increased pixel density of 8K resolution allows for more screen real estate, making it ideal for multitasking and productivity. You can fit more content on the screen, whether it’s multiple windows, documents, or applications, without sacrificing clarity or readability.

A color gamut refers to the range of colors that a device can produce or capture. It is represented within a color model, such as RGB or CMYK. A larger color gamut means the device can reproduce a wider range of colors, resulting in more vibrant and accurate color representation.

The DUOONE 2.5K monitor has a color depth of 10 bits per channel, allowing it to represent 1.06 billion different shades of red, green, and blue. This extensive color spectrum provides smoother gradients and more accurate color representation, making it ideal for tasks like graphic design, photo editing, and professional content creation.

DUOONE offers a variety of screen modes designed for different usage scenarios. Whether you prefer the simplicity of One-Screen mode with a single device or the productivity boost of merging two devices into one unified screen, both options seamlessly use one mouse and keyboard for control, eliminating the need for toggling or additional software. Additionally, DUOONE’s unique Book Mode, with its dual portrait orientation, enhances tasks like reading or coding while providing the flexibility to mirror or extend your screen connections. The intuitive design of DUOONE allows users to easily adapt their workspace to their specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

One-Screen Mode (1 Device):  This mode allows you to maximize your desktop window to span across two screens in full-screen. It is supported by the hardware and does not require the installation of a USB driver. This ensures a seamless and lag-free experience without any latency.

One-Screen Mode (2 Devices Merged): The One-Screen Mode on DUOONE combines two devices into one screen effortlessly. What’s impressive is that you can control this merged display using just one set of mouse and keyboard inputs. There’s no need for toggling or installing any software, making your workflow much more efficient.

Book mode

Book Mode (Dual Portrait Mode): DUOONE’s Book Mode allows you to switch your screens to a dual portrait configuration, similar to the orientation of a book. This setup is especially useful for activities like reading or coding, where a vertically elongated screen layout can improve productivity. Additionally, DUOONE supports both single and dual device One-Screen mode.

DUOONE offers support for mirroring and extending screen connections in all modes, allowing users to have flexibility in their display setup.


Setting up multiple DUOONEs has never been easier, thanks to this hardware-based plug-and-play connection. Even when using two separate device systems, they seamlessly merge into a unified computing experience.

You can use as many DUOONE monitors as you want with your laptop or PC, provided they have HDMI or USB-C video output ports, and your Operating System supports multiple monitors. No need to install any third-party drivers or software for this setup. No need for a video signal splitter or extender when using multiple DUOONEs.

For instance, if your laptop or PC is equipped with two USB-C or HDMI video output ports, you can simultaneously connect two DUOONEs. Furthermore, if you need additional system devices to collaborate, you can effortlessly connect more DUOONEs as required. Thanks to SmartKVM, these devices can seamlessly integrate two separate systems into one unified computing experience without the need for toggling.

For the illustrated picture of 7 screens, all you need are two USB-C ports for the left and right DUOONE monitors connected to your Windows laptop, and one DUOONE monitor in the middle for the Mac mini. These two device systems seamlessly operate as one unified computer.

If your PC or Mac has additional video output ports, you can connect even more DUOONEs without the need for daisy-chaining. It’s a straightforward and cost-effective solution. Plus, when you pledge three or more DUOONEs, you can save 49% on this fantastic setup.

Moreover, these configurations offer top-notch resolution without any trade-offs, as they can handle up to 4K on each display or a remarkable 8K when using one-screen mode. Additionally, they are adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use, granting you the flexibility to work or entertain yourself anywhere you desire. This results in unparalleled efficiency.

Fieldwork, Outside tasks, Outdoor job

Traveler, Work on the go, Work from anywhere

Stock market trading, Multiscreen share trading

Live Streaming, Online broadcasting, Webcasting

Video production, Visual content creation, Film editing

Graphic design, Photo editing, and Professional content creation

Meeting, Presenters, Negotiators, Exhibitors

Programmer, Software Engineer, Waterfall/Parallax scrolling

Gaming with Friends, Family, Couples

Samsung DeX, NS, Steam Desk, ROG Ally, Ayaneo, OneXPlayer, GPD…

Book lover, Literary enthusiast, Bibliophile

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Duo 2.5K 2560×3200 16:20 16-inch, Duo 2.5K 2560×3200 16:20 16-inch touchscreen, Duo 4K 3840×4320 17.3-inch touchscreen, 2 x Duo 2.5K 2560×3200 16:20 16-inch, 2 x Duo 2.5K 2560×3200 16:20 16-inch touchscreen, 2 x Duo 4K 3840×4320 17.3-inch touchscreen, 3 x Duo 2.5K 2560×3200 16:20 16-inch, 3 x Duo 2.5K 2560×3200 16:20 16-inch touchscreen, 3 x Duo 4K 3840×4320 17.3-inch touchscreen

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