Qcharger: 65W 8-in-1 GaN Stackable PD Quick Charger for Anywhere (pre-order)

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Qcharger: 65W 8-in-1 GaN Charger for Anywhere
Power 4 devices at once, Work in 200 Countries, 3 USB Ports, Universal AC Outlet, 2500W AC rating.


It is messy that different electronic devices need to use different chargers, and there is a more increasing demand for fast charging. Thus our team developed the world’s tiny multi-country charger: Qcharger, an 8-in-1 adapter for work, travel, home, and power 4 devices simultaneously.


Pick the Qcharger for 5 reasons:

Among those international plug chargers, Qcharger brings you:

✔️ The dimension is super tiny in the same power output of other international plugs

✔️ It provides the most ports (2 USB-C +1 USB-A + AC Outlet) in other same dimension and power charger

✔️ The 65W PD output supports PD3.0, PPS, QC4.0+, QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, SCP, FCP, Apple2.4A, PE+, BC1.2, and more

✔️ Very handy works in over 200 countries with just two slide pins

✔️ The delicateness and hand-feeling are the most pleasing ones

Smaller than similar chargers

Using the latest gallium nitride technology, Qcharger has realized a precise and small design concept. The pocket-size is only 37 x 56 x 65mm and the weight is 160g, more portable for you.


Why can GaN shrink the size?

A key benefit of GaN and other WBG materials is their relationship between breakdown voltage and Ron, which improves conduction losses.

GaN reduces switching losses through the absence of a body diode. The switching losses are lower in GaN, the time between switches can be reduced, increasing the switching frequency. The increased switching frequency allows the size of many large components (such as the transformer, inductors, and output capacitors) to be reduced.

GaN and other WBG devices also have better thermal conductivity and can withstand higher temperatures than silicon. Both help to reduce the need for thermal management components such as bulky heatsinks, frames, or fans. The absence of these devices (along with the shrinking of the powertrain components mentioned earlier) all lead to significant reductions in the overall size of the power supply.



Don’t underestimate its small size, Qcharger is equipped with 3 USB charging ports and one universal AC outlet. In other words, Qcharger integrates the US, UK, EU & AU plug into one sleek unit. 4 kinds of pins can be used at will by only two push bars, compatible with more than 200 countries or regions.


At the same time, Qcharger can plug into type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, and O outlets. You can work with 4 devices simultaneously.

So perfect & delicate design! Wherever you go, you only need to carry one Qcharger instead of more different chargers for multiple devices, which saves more space for you to store other things and your package would look cleaner. So many plugs depend on which one do you need to use or where you are from.


Stackable GaN Charger

Tiny yet powerful 65W GaN chargers with pass-thru AC outlet that can stack to become a 2500W charger, all from a single wall outlet. Qcharger stacks upon itself and lets you power multiple laptops from a single power outlet.

Qcharger 65W Stackable GaN Chargers provide that even after stacking 3 chargers over a single power outlet, it is able to pass through more than 2500W of power to power a water kettle and each Qcharger is still able to provide the maximum power of 65W respectively.



65W USB Output

The Qcharger 65W PD output is super powerful among other multi-country chargers. It supports 65W output to fully charge 3 devices at the same time, which is enough to charge a laptop, smartphone & mobile devices simultaneously. With a Qcharger and a USB-C to USB-C cable, you can charge a Samsung laptop up to 50% in about 30 minutes. When powers multiple devices, USB-C1 delivers 45W Max, and the rest of the ports share 18W in total.



Intelligent Power Distribution


  • USB-C1 = 65W
  • USB-C2 = 33W
  • USB-A = 30W
  • USB-C1 + USB-C2 = 45W + 18W (63W Max)
  • USB-C1 + USB-A = 45W + 18W (63W Max)
  • USB-C2 + USB-A = 5V/4.8A (24W Max)
  • USB-C1 + USB-C2 + USB-A = 45W + 15W (60W Max)


Fast charge iPhone 12, Samsung, and more

Qcharger supports mainstream fast charging protocols like PD3.0, PPS, QC4.0+, QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, SCP, FCP, Apple2.4A, PE+, BC1.2, and more, compatible with Macbook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 12/ 12 mini / 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max, DELL XPS, Nintendo Switch, Samsung, Huawei and more.



2500W AC rating

Qcharger has been upgraded to 10A and the AC rating has reached 2500W Max. This means that it can allow using electric hair dryers, electric kettles, electric rice cooker, induction cooker, and other high-power electrical products within 2500W.



Reliable charging technology solution

According to the results of the research and testing, our team unanimously decided to adopt the Navitas NV6115 chip, which is with more stable performance and higher charging efficiency. The PCBA of the GaN circuit board has multiple protection functions, such as short-circuit protection, multi-current protection.


Safety measures against electric shock

Some adapters with wide-open slots can easily attract curious toddlers putting their fingers in. It’s too dangerous. Now Qcharger AC outlet has a child-proof shield which effectively prevents children from getting an electric shock.


Built-in heat dissipation measures

Care for too long charging time and the charger is hot? Take a rest. The circuit board PCBA in the product is filled with AB heat-dissipating glue to balance heat dissipation and reduce the surface temperature of the product.














We are an independent R&D team that develops plugs, sockets, chargers, power bars and other electrical products. We have senior product structure engineers, mold design engineers and electronic engineers. We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system to improve our production, and our products have passed CE, FCC, ETL, PSE, KC, CCC, BS, CB and other certifications and comply with RoHS standards. Products were mainly sold to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia.

Other product lines:

We estimate that we will start shipping Qcharger  in Jun 2021.However, due to the COVID-19 and large orders of Qcharger, we cannot ship all the Qcharger at the same time. Hence the long duration of Mass Production to Delivery from June 2021 to September 2021, timelines may get pushed up or pushed back but we will give our 100% to make sure that things are completed on, or even ahead of schedule.

Shipping will be calculated and paid at the end of the campaign before we ship the Qcharger out to you. During these uncertain times, shipping costs have gone up significantly. Let’s invite more friends/families/companies to get Qcharger and free shipping worldwide.

* Prices do not include taxes and VAT. That will be subject to the laws and regulations of each individual country.

** Note that these prices are dependent on the situation and may increase or decrease by a few dollars in the months to come.

*** Above price in USD currency. Price in other currencies slightly different vary on current exchange rate.

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