AVA WiFi Portable Monitor DeX/PC/Mac/NS wireless touch

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Wireless DeX/PC/Mac mirror & desktop mode touchscreen. USB-C/HDMI devices and NS/PS/Xbox.
2.4G & 5G WiFi miracast. Lightweight. Full-laminated. Vivid & ultra-brightness. 100% color space.
WiFi portable monitor. 4K/FHD wireless monitor. Wireless touchback.

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AVA wifi portable monitor bring you advanced wireless multi-touch experience without cable need.

Advantages of AVA wifi IPS full-laminated touchscreen:

⭐Touchable wifi and wired all supported

⭐Support any mobile devices and smartphones video display

⭐Support wifi smartphone desktop as well as cabled

⭐Both USB-C and HDMI video-in support

⭐Support both Android & iPhone mirror screen or desktop mode

⭐Faster response times, minimal input lag

⭐Ultra-wide 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles

⭐sRGB 100% color space, optimal color/contrast than other panels

⭐Outstanding color accuracy and screen consistency

⭐Fully laminated, higher optical transparency (>94%), brilliant color clarity and brightness, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

⭐Built-in battery 10500mAh, lightweight and thinness for mobility

Just wired portable monitor? No way. AVA is an entire suite of office and entertainment features packed into the advanced portable touchscreen monitor ever. It’s your wifi screen, it’s your dock, it’s your charger, it’s your speakers, and it’s fully customizable to be whatever else you need. Get rid of all the cable or clutter in your briefcase or backpack. Now it’s deliverable worldwide, no wait, instant obtainable via crowdfunding.

How many wires and gadgets are linked to your computer right now? AVA wifi portable monitor liberates you from clutter and streamlines your productivity by combining all the features you need into one wifi, touchable, ultra-bright monitor. No extra transmitter needed.


A few weeks ago we were so excited about Samsung DeX rolled out its wifi DeX over Miracast technology. It seamlessly perfectly works with AVA. We tested in the Samsung retail shop, which is so great quality almost like a cabled connection. We can’t wait to shoot a short video to show you how these excitings.
Now AVA reward perk is available for all of you. Don’t miss out. It’s another great product for DeX, PC, Mac and Android smartphone. For wifi DeX, all oneUI 2.5 version are work. i.e. S9, Note9, S10, Note10, S20, Note20, Galaxy Fold.

Wifi Samsung DeX Touchback

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Wifi Mac Touchback


Wifi PC Touchback

How long you have been expecting a touchable wifi display? Now it’s come true. How much more could you get done by connecting any devices with a touchable display?  AVA ultra-responsive touchscreen is perfect for any usages of wifi or wired monitor circumstance. Not only for tranditional laptop, game station or PC, but also for smartphone or mobile devices, and they can become mobile desktop. wifi touch give you boundless connection of various devices touchable.


For smartphone desktop, AVA not just support type-c cabled touchable, it can also support wifi desktop as long as the smartphone has wifi desktop enabled. Once you got AVA, you never fall behind in the future. More and more smartphones have built-in desktop mode as Android 10 onward coming popular.

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AVA wifi portable monitor built-in long last battery support joyful gaming anywhere. With type-c new technology, AVA supports any DP alt mode devices over USB-C with screen touchable. Which means not only Nintendo Switch, but also other Android games, iPhone games are all playable and touchable over wired or wifi.

Whether desktop gamer, mobile gamer or just leisure, the versatile AVA turn up the game with more details display, color space and clarity. With Hi-Fi sound, playing really joyful immersively.



wifi display technology Miracast 2.4G / 5G
Bluetooth version 4.2
Bluetooth firmware updatable
iOS up to 13.3.x (iPhone/iPad) NOT wifi touchable
Samsung smartphones YES wifi touchable
Other Android phones (except MTK) YES wifi touchable
PC/Windows/Mac YES wifi touchable, no APP needed
Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox USB-C/HDMI display
Other HDMI devices cabled display YES display

Note: Please pick your desire model when you are ordering. There’s no replacement if ordered not desire model.

Please check the list of devices with video output over USB-C here:


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 46 × 29 cm