Wireless HDMI Transceiver ZERO-lag mmWave wirelessHD 100ft (30m range)



Support wirelessHD touchback for AVA monitor.
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Wireless HDMI Transceiver



*Tackle tangled wires while getting ready to enjoy a movie moment…  

Receiver for TV/Projector/Other Displays.   Lag-free and lossless video.👇

Support iPad stage manager and Samsung Tablet with their USB-C output to TV/Projector wirelessly

Support devices with Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort Alt Mode over USB-C to TV/Projector wirelessly

Support Samsung S8/Note8 upward or other with USB-C video output phones to TV/Projector wirelessly

#mmWave #wirelessHD #transmitter #receiver #wireless HDMI #wireless HDMI transmitter

The WirelessHD specification is based on a 7 GHz channel in the 60 GHz Extremely High Frequency radio band. It allows either lightly compressed (proprietary wireless link-aware codec) or uncompressed digital transmission of high-definition video and audio and data signals, essentially making it equivalent of a wireless HDMI. First-generation implementation achieves data rates from 4 Gbit/s, but the core technology allows theoretical data rates as high as 25 Gbit/s (compared to 10.2 Gbit/s for HDMI 1.3 and 21.6 Gbit/s for DisplayPort 1.2), permitting WirelessHD to scale to higher resolutions, color depth, and range. The 1.1 version of the specification increases the maximum data rate to 28 Gbit/s, supports common 3D formats, 4K resolution, WPAN data, low-power mode for portable devices, and HDCP 2.0 content protection.

The 60 GHz band usually requires line of sight between transmitter and receiver, and the WirelessHD specification ameliorates this limitation through the use of beam forming at the receiver and transmitter antennas to increase the signal’s effective radiated power, find the best path, and utilise wall reflections.[3] The goal range for the first products will be in-room, point-to-point, non line-of-sight (NLOS) at up to 10 meters. The atmospheric absorption of 60 GHz energy by oxygen molecules limits undesired propagation over long distances and helps control intersystem interference and long distance reception, which is a concern to video copyright owners.

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