ONELINK: One Cable Connects Nintendo Switch to TV

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USB-C to HDMI | PD 100W. ONE cable for DeX/NS/iPad/Mac/Laptop to TV/monitor supports any USB power.


ONELINK is an all-new handy cable that connects Nintendo Switch to TV, while also powering it and supports any USB power. With 100W power delivery, 4K display at 60Hz, and the ability to support USB-C to HDMI, this ultimate Nintendo Switch cable is a dream come true for the next generation of Nintendo Switch users from around the world.


Even though there are a few USB-C to HDMI cables available in the market, users know that not every cable can power up the Nintendo Switch and transmit video to the TV in just one cable by using the TV’s USB power.


ONELINK cable not only supports any kind of USB power, but it also replaces the NS dock and HDMI cable. Moreover, it offers a premium quality display and the ultimate gaming experience. Furthermore, the cable is handy, portable, and extremely durable.


ONELINK brings you:

✔️ USB-C (DP1.2) to HDMI 2.0 and PD reversal charging 20V 5A/100W(Max ) supports any USB power.

✔️ One cable connects Nintendo Switch/Mac/PC/iPad/Android/Laptop to the TV/monitor.

✔️ 4K@60Hz, HDCP version 2.2 (1.4 compatible). Lossless quality.

✔️ Extremely handy and portable. One cable replaces the NS dock and HDMI cable.

✔️ Premium High Quality. Dual chips and Multi meticulous process.




For us gamers, the best way to play on the go is the Nintendo Switch. But, let’s be honest. The Switch Dock and peripherals are just too clunky and not ideal. But as gaming enthusiasts, we find all the existing options on the market are neither cool nor safe.

If you want to play games on a big screen you need to use the original Switch dock. However, setting the dock up is quite complicated, and the dock itself is too big and heavy to carry around conveniently.


















ONELINK truly realizes a line to connect your Nintendo Switch to the big screen, just use ONELINK HDMI cable, let any big screen become your battlefield.


That’s why we collaborated with top manufacturers to build our own HDMI cable to simplify the whole process. ONELINK is a USB-C to HDMI port that’s plug and play, without a dock, no drivers or power adapters needed.

Most importantly, the ONELINK cable can power up the Nintendo Switch and transmit video to the TV in just one cable by using the TV’s USB power.


And you can carry everything you need with you, in one handy bag.

This lets you get all the benefits of HDMI, including 4K/1080P resolutions while docking-less and pocket-portable. So you can play your games on any screen for a better experience.


ONELINK has a PD port and supports 100W PD fast charge protocol, so ONELINK can not only connect a large screen with a Nintendo Switch, but also support a PC, Mac, iPad, and compatible Android phone to connect the large screen or TV, etc.

One Cable Connects NS to TV

One Cable Connects PC/Mac to TV

One cable connects Android phone to TV








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