EDGE 2.5D arc edge WiFi Portable Monitor DeX/PC/Mac/NS Bluetooth touchback


✔️ Cutting-edge WiFi touchscreen with 2.5D smooth arc edges. Stylish and chic.
✔️ WiFi/Miracast/Airplay monitor. No cable constraints. Suitable for any WiFi range.
✔️ 1080p FHD 15.6-inch display available. Premium video/image quality.
✔️ Supports PC, Mac, Dex, NS, PS, Xbox, TV box, and more…

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EDGE 2.5D is a stylish and chic lightweight display. The 2.5D curved edges minimize cracking and chipping, much smoother and safer. Full case body done by CNC process. It’s not made of a low-end plastic case. It gives you a super premium feel when you hold it in your hand. Love its delicateness.

Full-lamination means between the glass and the panel, there is a special GLUE bonds them seamlessly. That’s it will reduce parallax to almost none and provide a better display effect.


Advantages of laminated displays:

Reduced thickness, improves visual quality, no dusty screen, reduced hollow sound, pictures look painted on, outdoors performance, and no parallax.


EDGE sound reproduction over the full range of audible frequencies with very little distortion of the original signal. Fine-tune stereo Hi-Fi speakers enabled a wide frequency range and higher dB sensitivity rating. Provide maximum bass and treble in robust, crystal-clear, and natural sound reproduction, drive audio scenes sound impressive amazing.



With an optimized battery consumption policy, the EDGE setting can separately enable or disable the reversal charging ability for your mobile devices, which means you can save EDGE battery a lot when you don’t need to charge for another mobile device.


EDGE has an input and output PD quick charging protocol. That shortens the full-charged time into about 45 mins and playable time up to 5 hours in real usage.*

EDGE works with Samsung DeX:

EDGE works with PC/Windows/Laptop:


EDGE works with Nintendo Switch, lag-free:

EDGE works with PS/Xbox lag-free :

EDGE – Somatosensory gaming, lag-free: 

EDGE works with Macbook pro: 

Note: Please pick your desire model when you are ordering. There’s no replacement if ordered not desire model.

Please check the list of devices with video output over USB-C here:



To learn more about the list of devices with video output over USB-C, please refer: 



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#portable screen #mmWave #wireless monitor #portable monitor for laptop #best portable monitor #4k monitor #pc monitor #monitor #touchscreen #samsung monitor

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35.2 × 22.8 × 9.4 cm
EDGE 2.5D WiFi


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