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✔️ The world's first stack monitor built-in auto KVM for multiple signal input. Plug & Play. ✔️ Dual monitor. Duo Screens. Portable. Lightweight. Multi-touch screen. ✔️ One / multi-signal input. 16:18 aspect ratio. Optimum Eye Rotation. ✔️ Lossless video/image quality. ✔️ auto KVM, no button, no software, no driver. One mouse keyboard control multiple devices. ✔️ Infinitely adjustable stacked dual-screen desktop monitors. DUO ONE Portable Stack Touch Monitor excelled the others do, adopting the most advanced auto KVM technology for one mouse keyboard to control multi-source. No button, no software, no driver anymore. From now on, let’s enjoy the simplicity of multi-device input technology. Forget the old way KVM press button again and again. With this auto KVM technology, different device input are much easier than before. DUO ONE Portable stack touch monitor is innovative for sure bringing you the best experience. 15.6" DUO ONE UHD 4K/FHD Display with Ergo Stand - Free up desk space and multitask more efficiently with a new, 16:18 aspect ratio stacked setup that swivels, freeing up your desk without giving up the screen space of a double monitor. The lightweight portable gives user more flexibility on the go. DCI-P3 98% (Typ.) with HDR10 - Explore HDR content the way it was meant to be seen with DCI-P3 98%**—an elevated color spectrum that brings brilliant color to life. Ergonomic Stand with C-Clamp - Adjust the monitor by moving it forward or backwards, swiveling, rotating, tilting and more. Tap into the flexibility of the Ergo Stand to configure and optimize your setup for improved productivity. USB Type-C (90W PD) - Seamlessly connect to external devices or charge your laptop with the convenience of USB Type-C with up to 90W power delivery. Ambient Light Sensor - The ambient light sensor makes the screen brighter in bright lighting conditions and decreases the brightness in darker lighting conditions so it is always easy to view information. Picture-by-Picture (PBP) & Built-in Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse (KVM) - With the PBP feature you can display content from two different computers on the monitor and use the KVM feature to manage the content with a single keyboard and mouse. One Source Picture by Picture - By connecting your laptop to the DUO ONE monitor via the HDMI DisplayPort and USB Type C, you can easily control both displays without using software or shortcut keys. Clutter-Free Desk Setup - The Ergo Stand's compact design takes up very little desk surface, helping users achieve a clutter-free environment. Also, the C-Clamp & Grommet and One Click Mount make it easy to install. The top monitor slides up and down, and the bottom monitor pivots in and out to create an angled visual appearance surface. DUO ONE displays are stacked from top to bottom, so the display area is closer to a square aspect ratio, and you can comfortably use both monitors without ergonomic setbacks. Optimum Eye Rotation. DUO ONE stacked touchscreen monitor are capable of 65W USB-C pass-through charging. Charge up your laptop in just 2-3 hours! Beyond its normal use, the DUO ONE can display two sources at once, whether it’s a computer and a game console hooked into USB-C and HDMI, respectively, or some other mix of gadgets. Through its interface, which is a little easier to navigate than most monitors that I’ve used, you can activate the picture-by-picture mode that stacks two inputs on top of each other. You can switch which one is on top as well as toggle between which source can emit audio through the DUO ONE's speakers. The DUO ONE has a matte IPS panel with a claimed 98 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 300 nits of brightness. As a primary monitor, the DUO ONE makes a lot of sense. There are some specific use cases that could take advantage of the unique shape, such as a video editor who can use the top half for a timeline. Having a secondary monitor flipped vertically is a solution more and more people are trying out. That’s the exact setup the DUO ONE thrives in, despite being a monitor unlike any other that exists. 15.6” 4K UHD/FHD portable stacked IPS Display Free up desk space and multitask more efficiently with a new, 16:18 aspect ratio stacked setup that swivels, freeing up your desk without giving up the screen space of a double monitor. DCI-P3 98% (Typ.) with HDR10 Explore HDR content the way it was meant to be seen with DCI-P3 98% (Typ.)*—an elevated color spectrum that brings brilliant color to life. 16:18 Screen Aspect Ratio Maximize your productivity with the split-view function of the vertically stacked 16:18 monitors, offering taller screen space at a glance and maximum space savings. USB Type-C Seamlessly connect to external devices with the convenience of a USB Type-C port. Stereo Speaker (2Wx2) Make some noise with built-in 7W stereo speakers and make your games and movies come to life with bigger and bolder sound The unique foldable 16:18 form factor Like I said in the very beginning of this article, I never imagined that I'd like a display with an aspect ratio like this, but here we are. It's quite good. There are two key use cases. The first that I noticed was vertical scrolling. I'm a writer, so when I have a long draft, I can see more of it at a time than I can with a standard 16:9 display. You have to remember that in any CMS, there are also other blocks of things besides just the text editor, so more space means a better writing experience. Visit DUO ONE landing page

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APC3 prelaunch survey form【DONT MOVE!】 (#19)